Body Grievers

For those longing to make peace with their here and now body

What is body grief?


When you look up the definition of grief, it is defined as deep sorrowWhen you look up the definition of sorrow, it is defined as loss that causes distress. This resonated with me while attempting to make peace with my body & body image.

Here is how you know if you’ve experienced body grief:

  • A photo of yourself causes you distress
  • You’re avoiding changing over your seasonal clothes
  • You are afraid of doing things because you believe your body size disqualifies you
  • You have believed that the only way to experience body peace is by existing in a smaller body

Here is why this is causing you grief:

Your perception of your body image is conflicted with the cognition of your body image. 

If you resonate with body grief – you’re probably at the end of your rope. 

How does one even begin to grieve their body?

You’ve come to the right place.

Here are four ways YOU can learn more about Body Grief!

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Body Grievers Club

Bri’s FREE Body Grief Guide

Body Grievers Membership

The Body Grievers Club 

A membership for those seeking community with people who get the struggle of making peace with their body image.

In my experience of grief, it often feels like a club.

A club that no one wants to be apart of but when you meet someone with that shared experience, you understand them.

This has been my same experience with body grief.   So I made the Body Grievers Club.

The Body Grievers Club ALL ACCESS is currently only accessible to those who have graduated from my High Level Body Grievers Program (a private offer, only offered to those who graduate from the Body Grievers Course). 


Bri’s FREE Body Grief Guide

A 10 page guide that highlights the 4 reasons you may be stuck in your body image.

This guide provides an overview of what body grief really is and includes Bri’s 4 part formula for healing your body grief. 

You will get:

  • 10 page guide
  • An explaination of the stages of body grief and how it coincides with body image.
  • Description of 4 common stuck points.
  • What body grief may look like.
  • What you can do about it.

All of this is yours for FREE